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Finally I switched Pixels today to the new look. It has taken me almost 5-6 months. I start work – then stop – start again. This went on for so long. The reason? Got busy with designing customer sites. Got so busy that I found it hard to bring it to a finished state. the old site had gotten old and kind of faded. Although I was running the latest version of WordPress, the look was like the first version. It served me well though – I have evolved as a web designer and marketer with my first WordPress site. I know WordPress like the back of my hand now. It is a great content management system for small business. The beauty is once it is set up correctly and all the plugins installed and configured and all SEO has been done – it is the magic tool for you to promote , maintain the site and grow your business. I am saying this from my personal experience. I have grown my business from this one site at a steady rate. What more could you want? You can use this as a powerful marketing tool. Contact me if you want a WordPress site set up. I will give you tips on promoting your site on social networks, blogging & other methods

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