Pixels is adopting a simple payment system

Pixels Webdesign have been in business for 14 years. We were incorporated as a business on 02 Dec 2002.

We will be celebrating our 14th birthday this December.

We had been sending out invoices to you every month with the following three options:

  • By Cheque
  • By Bank Transfer
  • By Credit Card

Some of you have raised a concern about the high credit card charges when you pay by credit card.

For some, it was a chore to put in the correct invoice number so that we can reconcile the payment. Un-reconciled invoices raise the necessity of emails and telephone calls – taking you away from your busy schedule.

We were always on the lookout for a payment system that makes it easier to pay, puts in the invoice references correctly and actually decreases the total expenses.

Enter POLi.Pixels - Payments with POLi

  • POLi payments are transferred directly from the customer’s account to your bank account. POLi fills out all the payment information – so there’s no way for customers to enter incorrect information.
  • Transactions fees are just 1% of the transaction value, and the maximum fee per transaction is capped at $3 regardless of the transaction value. On a credit card transaction of $1,000, you’d pay $25 in fees. With POLi you’d pay just $3.

How to Pay with POLi

When you receive an invoice, please click the link – “Pay Online Now”, which will open a new browser tab and display the online invoice. Please click the drop-down at the “Pay Now” option at the top right-hand corner and select “You can pay with POLi”. This will open a Bank payment pop-up window.


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