Password Managers

I wanted to write about password managers after reading about IE vulnerability. The news item on TV said – if you click a link in the email you receive or even click a link in an infected website the hacker can hijack your hard drive and steal your passwords.

This sows the seed for identity theft or just stealing your credit card/bank card details & run a high bill on them.

To avoid this kind of hassle I have been a using password manager. This particular manager has the password on its server & is encrypted. The first reason I purchased the software years ago – I had too many passwords in my hard drive. Many client site passwords, FTP passwords – too much of a hassle to keep all of them in a spreadsheet or remember them.

I am very happy with my password manager. I have it installed in two PCs. I also have a togo version for when I am traveling.  You can sync the information if you have more than one install as well with one click.

I have a few of my clients who use this password manager & are very happy with the performance.

They have free trial downloads as well. I use Roboform for online security & also save time

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