Page Speed Optimisation- the final frontier

Patience is a virtue – but not very prevalent.  Your prospect or customer measures the performance of your site is in New York seconds. If the site does not load very very quickly. he/she clicks away very very quickly. This result – another potential opportunity is lost.

Waiting for a website to load is no different that waiting for service in an Airport Counter or in a queue for a bus. We all want to spend as little time in queues and get on with the next step as quickly as possible.

That is why site speed matters. Sites do have the need for speed. Please see our article here.

Why do I need Page Speed Optimisation?

  • According to a case studies, 51% of the online shoppers claimed that they will walk away if the site loads slowly.
  • Demand for loading speed has increased over time. In 2011 a site that loaded slowly incurred a drop of 40% in conversion rate. In 2014, however, this resulted in a drop of 50% conversion rate.
  • Almost half of all users expect the website to load in less than 4 seconds.

Ask the leading expert – Google

Google has recognised in it past few upgrades the need for speed in websites. It has now taken site speed almost as an obsession. It introduced a Page Speed tool in 2011 with this blog announcement – Introducing Page Speed Online with Mobile Support. Google lists a faster-loading website higher in the Google Search results than a slower-loading one.

Why is my web page slow to load?

There are many reasons for the slow loading of web pages. Some of them are technical and will involve some intricate re-coding. But this can be done.

We can optimise your website page speed – here’s proof

The website was optimised by us recently. The testing of successful optimisation was carried out by three different testing facilities – Google Page Insights, Pingdom  You can see the results yourself.

Pixels can improve your website page speed - ask us how!

Pixels can improve your website's page speed - ask us how!Our Offer

Slow loading website? We can optimise your website for faster loading. We will provide before-and-after documentation as proof. Once optimised, you cab test the site yourself.

Get your site optimised. Contact us – Page Speed Optimisation.

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