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Open source A.I. Platform

Hugging Face, an AI startup, revealed a successful Series D funding round of $235 million on Thursday. The funding was led by a notable lineup of tech giants including Google, Amazon, Nvidia, Salesforce, and IBM.


Key Points:

The company’s platform offers tools for sharing and executing open-source AI models, along with libraries and resources for tailoring these systems. Presently, the platform hosts an impressive array of 500,000 distinct models and 250,000 datasets.

This funding round boosts the total capital raised by the company to $395.2 million, marking a cumulative valuation of $4.5 billion for the startup.

CEO Clem Delangue expressed that AI has become the innovative approach for constructing software and has a vision of achieving 100 million AI creators relying on Hugging Face within the upcoming five years.

Significance: This substantial funding round underscores the escalating demand for collaborative AI advancement. With the proliferation of personalized models, Hugging Face’s platform has prominently emerged within the open-source domain.

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What is Hugging Face?

Hugging Face goes beyond being a mere emoji; it stands as an open-source platform for data science and machine learning. It functions as a central hub for both AI experts and enthusiasts, akin to GitHub’s role in the field of AI.

Originally introduced as a chatbot application for teenagers in 2017, Hugging Face has undergone an evolution, transforming into a platform where users can host their own AI models, facilitate their training, and engage in collaborative work with their teams.

The platform offers the necessary infrastructure to guide users from their initial lines of code to the deployment of AI within live applications or services. In addition to these capabilities, users can explore and utilize models crafted by others, locate and make use of datasets, and experiment with demonstration projects.

Hugging Face holds particular significance due to the prevailing “lack of barriers” atmosphere within the realm of AI. The resolution of AI challenges won’t come solely from major tech corporations; rather, it will emerge through collaborative efforts in the open-source community.

This is precisely the goal that Hugging Face aims to achieve: equipping individuals with the means to engage a broad spectrum of participants in molding the AI tools of tomorrow.

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