As you are watching the Olympics this year and marvel at the likes of Phelps or Bolt Or any medallist some on that stand will inspire you. When an event leaves you with a tear or your heart swell in pride think about what these athlets have put into to get to that stand. The years of hard training the injuries the sleepless nights  have gone into that one moment of glory. Would you be willing to put that same kind of dedication into your business or any other goal you set for yourself. Would you be willing to go that extra mile to hone your marketing skills to expand your business? Would you be willing to give up everything else & focus on your business year after year with single mindedness and never give up till you succeed? Olympic athlets are that rare breed of peopl who never give up. That kind of success only comes after thousands of little actions that have been taken over years and lead to perfection. To succedd that same way in business everyday small actions have to be taken to inch towards success. Day after day or month after month this has to happen. If you invest your time in mastering those skills necessary for the success of your business you will taste it in the future. so are you going to be the olympic athelete in your business or the average person who gives up and lives an average life till death?

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