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We are excited to share this good news with you. We are launching our secondary domain name service and feel privileged to offer you additional domains at excellent rates.

Why should you buy extra domains?

As you are aware, your domain name is your intellectual property and hence you should protect against any malicious activity. Moreover, you can also ensure that your competitors cannot set up domain-forwarders and point to their domain, thereby driving away your clients. They will be eating your lunch!

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Apart from, you can get .kiwi, .nz and as variations in your brand name and let no one hijack the reputation you have created for your brand.

Drive more traffic to your website

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Get secondary domain names which act as domain aliases. They can redirect traffic to your domain and help in increasing the sales. Pretty simple, right? There are other benefits of having additional domain names also for which we want you to get them and make your brand invincible in the market. After all, we have worked day in and day out to develop the websites and make it interesting to the potential customers.

Getting secondary domain names is the easiest and most convenient way to expand your business. By reserving several domain names, you can promote special products and services through dedicated landing pages.

If you have any flagship product, having domain aliases for that product would help in achieving better search engine results and thereby directing interested customers to the main website.

Increase your brand value

Thus, having additional domain names is always beneficial for a brand. Be it protecting the trademark from infringement to getting more traffic or highlighting the special offers, the domain aliases can help you in many ways.

Does it sound interesting? Just fill up the form at so that we can reserve domains for you. We would also point the additional domains to your existing website at no extra cost!

We hope you would patronize us, the way you have always done and make our association go beyond only website domains.

Get Google Attention

You can now purchase many domains that incorporate your business name. For example, if you have a domain called, you can also buy or and point the additional domains to your main web site. Believe me, this DOES increase traffic to your website, gradually, over time.

Updated: 05 Jan 2021

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