Minimalism in Digital Age

I read a very interesting article today on the BBC news website. It was about how the Internet has made many physical things kind of disappear from out lives. When was the last time you bought a CD from a brick & mortar music shop? or for that matter a vinyl? It has been years since I bought a CD. when was the last time you bought a book? ( I get mine as an ebook or borrow from library)

The article goes on to two describe the lives of two people who have taken this to the extreme and either sold or given away 95% of their physical possessions. All they have are a few clothes, their laptop, ipad, cellphone, external hard drive and maybe a kindle. Nothing else. One sleeps on a friend’s couch. The other has a bed in a small apartment.

This brings me to the fact that I have sold off most of the books I had. A few still lurking on the bookshelf. Need to dispose of them.

I am going to reduce the things in my closet in the next month. After 6 months I will come back & post how I managed to reduce my possessions by at least 25%.

I spend most of my day at my laptop in a little room upstairs. Other than 8 hours in my bedroom sleeping & 1 hour in the kitchen I hardly spend time in any of the rooms. Maybe this house is too large for me!

How has the Internet changed your life? It will be interesting to find out how it impacts different people. Another thing I intend to use the Internet to dispose of most of my stuff.

The full article at the BBC News site

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