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Yesterday I was searching the net for a Rotary Club logo. I need it for a project I am doing at present. There a few sites that had good images. I clicked on one on of them on Google. And the next thing I knew what some sort of scan was going on of my laptop. There was a flashing message telling me that my computer was infected & I had to clean with an anti virus free software. I got out of the site as quickly as possible & did a virus scan with McAfee . These fake virus scan sites actually infect your computer with viruses. malware1This morning this is what I read on BBC tech section. ” The hi-tech criminals used a well-known attack vector that exploits security loopholes on other sites to insert a link to their website. Those visiting the criminals’ webpage were told that their machines were infected with many different viruses.” ” Websense dubbed it the Lizamoon attack because that was the name of the first domain to which victims were re-directed. The fake software is called the Windows Stability Center. The re-directions were carried out by what is known as an SQL injection attack. This succeeded because many servers keeping websites running do not filter the text being sent to them by web applications. Security experts say it is the most successful SQL injection attack ever seen. Generally, the sites being hit are small businesses, community groups, sports teams and many other mid-tier organisations. Currently the re-directs are not working because the sites peddling the bogus software have been shut down.” – BBC tech. So please make sure you have a very good anti virus/anti malware program on your computer. Another thing the site I visited looked very reputable & professional. Not a shady fly by night site!

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