Link Building

Search Engines place a lot of importance on links that are pointing to your website. Who links  and how they link to you are what determines where your site will rank for competitive search queries.

When we write content for our sites – about our products/services or about our  strengths we tend to overdo & state more than what we are capable of. That is the reason search engines place more importance on incoming links to our site than the page title or the page copy. When thinking of your website – think how you are a part of a huge network of sites.

  • More the number of links pointing to your site – higher your page rank on Google. which translates to higher in SERPs – (search engine rankings).
  • The pagerank of the linking website is weighted as well. So if you have a PR4 website linking to you it does help . 🙂
  • Related topic website links are more valued. For example if you own a finance related site and another website in your niche links to you Google values it more than a shoe website linking to you.
  • The text that is used as link matters. If your finance website is linked from another website and the linking text says ” Financial services for small businesses” is valued more than a generic term like “finance”
  • One way links are more valuable than reciprocal links. (keep your outgoing links to minimum)
  • Want to know about link magnet?
  • The answer is original unique content. A useful free piece of giveaway like a software or tool. It has to be original & fun to use. Websites will link to the tool automatically.

I have only scratched the surface here. Will write about linking methods in a future post.

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