Increase Traffic to Your Website with a Blog

A Blog is one of the best ways to drive traffic to a website; whether it be a corporate website, small business, or online shop. By adding great content to your blog regularly, you will provide useful resources to visitors and publish more pages for search engines to index. High quality articles will also generate more incoming links to your website, strengthen your brand, your blog design should be responsive so that it looks great on desktop and laptop computers, as well as smaller devices such as tablets and smartphones. You should also use a font that is easy to read. The sidebar is the perfect place to help visitors navigate your blog easier. Take advantage of this area and display a search bar, category links, and archive links. To encourage people to stay on your website longer, you can display recent blog posts, featured articles, and related articles. A good place to display related articles is underneath the blog post.

Ensure Your Website is SEO Friendly

Your website does not only need to look good for humans, it needs to be easily interpreted by search engines so that they can crawl and index your content efficiently. Thankfully, the WordPress platform is an SEO friendly solution that

Choose Your Topics Wisely

The topics you cover on your blog will influence the kind of people who read your articles. If you publish many basic tutorials on a subject, you will attract a lot of beginners. Likewise, if you publish advanced tutorials, you are more likely to attract people with more experience on the subject. It is therefore vital that you research what topics to cover on your blog and devise a long-term content strategy. This will generate targeted traffic from people that are more likely to subscribe to your blog and purchase your products and services. One way to increase traffic to your blog is to cover topics that are currently popular. Services such as Google Trends make it easy to follow trending topics and let you see what is hot and what is not.

Write High Quality Articles

Do not look at a blog simply as a way of increasing the number of indexable pages on your website. You need to focus on quality content. Remember, the more targeted your visitors are, the more likely they are to purchase your products and services. So focus on quality and forget about cheap traffic that merely inflates traffic statistics. To increase traffic  help your visitors by solving problems or answer questions they have in your articles. If you can help your visitors in some way, they will be thankful. They will be more likely to subscribe to your blog, share your content, and become a loyal customer. Blogging increases traffic to your websiteHere are some tips on publishing high quality articles
  • Use images in your articles – They increase social media shares and break up long pieces of text
  • Use a good article title – The title of your article will be displayed in search engine results and in social media shares
  • Improve your grammar – It pays to go back to basics and review important grammatical rules and guidelines
  • Share important news – Rather than simply publish links to important news stories, you should give your opinion on the news story and how it will affect
  • Publish honest reviews – Provide honest reviews about related products and services
  • Help readers – Guides and tutorials will help resolve readers’ problems and issues
  • Use lists – List posts grab attention and allow readers to digest information quickly
You do not have to handle all blog content yourself. There are many professional bloggers available who will help you publish great content on your website.

Blog Consistently

There are varying thoughts as to how frequently you should publish articles on a blog. Most high traffic news blogs publish multiple times per day as more news means more traffic, however most businesses publish a few times per week or a few times per month. If we make the assumption that every article on your blog will be of the same quality, publishing more frequently will generate more traffic; however, this does not necessarily mean that more is always better. Social media networks are a tremendous source of traffic. Unfortunately, delivering high quality articles is rarely a guarantee that they will be shared on services such as Twitter. If you want to increase the number of times your articles are shared, you need to make it easier for visitors to share your content. The best way to do this is to integrate social media sharing buttons into your content area. Every time someone visits your blog, you are presented with an opportunity to convert a one-time visitor into a long term subscriber. Encourage visitors to subscribe your blog and follow you on social media services. This will help them be notified of new updates on your blog.

To recap

If you are a small business whether B2C or B2B blogging is a free marketing tool to attract new prospects build brand awareness and help solve your prospects or customer’s problems. There are many small businesses who have expanded their business and increased their revenue by blogging alone. All our websites are set on WordPress – the platform that makes blogging so easy.
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