How to choose a web hosting company

For a small business your website can be the most important marketing tool, brochure, online shop for you. I have clients whose livelihood depends on their website.

If you are planning to start a business like that or planning to sell online you need to choose your web hosting company very carefully.

The things you need to look for :-

  • Uptime – what is their uptime promise?
  • Security – are there many breaches
  • the kind of plans – the diskspace, bandwidth, emails offered
  • Price
  • Tech support – what are the hours of tech support? Do they have 24/7 support?

Of the points above the most important I feel is the tech support. it can be the cheapest plan on earth. They can give you unlimited bandwidth or space but if their tech support is not 24/7 stay away from that company.

The reason I am saying this is a friend of mine is having a lot of trouble with her website. Her site went down in the weekend. Tech support was not available as her hosting company only provides support during the usual working hours. It is still not resolved. If you earn a living from your website – imagine the site being down for 3 days.

Do your research online and pick a web hosting company that is competitive but make sure they got support 24/7. Anything can go wrong after hours. And you do not want to be left hanging due to lack of support. Don’t find out the hard way.

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