How to market to the Generation X and Y

These younger generations grew up with the Internet. They spend most of their time online either for work, for entertainment or to socialise. They make spending decisions for work and family. The first palace they research is online. Whatever your business is you should be engaging these generations on the Internet. facebook01Word of mouth This still works with these generations. Only it has shifted online. Social media plays an important part. They ask friends, colleagues, peers and family on social media when they want to make a purchase. If your business does not have a presence they will choose one that has a presence in Facebook or Twitter. Engage with them and find out about what they like or dislike what they care about etc. Your website Your website is also important to educate and engage gen X and gen Y. Make your website the hub of your business to inform and sell your products and services. Have as many channels online as possible to attract your audience. Find the balance in giving away information and freebies. Do not overdo this. This will backfire if you bombard them with too much information or sales pitches. Listen to their feedback. If there is a problem with the product or service get back to them ASAP and try to resolve the problem amicably. Respect their feedback and opinions. Listen to how they feel about your business, your products, and how you advertise to them. Your customers are your best critics, and paying attention to them and their opinions is vital. The old methods still work, only the medium has changed – on the Internet.    
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