How do you get new customers?

As a small business owner what are you doing to get new customers? I am part of a small business group in Linkedin. This is a popular topic and we had 88 comments. To summarize in the old days small business did fliers, mail drops and brochures, yellow page ads to promote their business. Now it is the digital age. Most businesses have a business profile online. It could be a brochure website, a listing in an online directory, a profile in a social media network . It is a digital business card that people use to find your business. More the channels more the leads for you. The biggest benefit is the cost barrier. It is expensive to print brochures fliers etc. Their lives are short lived as well. Wheres online profile is forever till you change it.  If your target market is 14-35 your reach is much more online than offline. That segment of demography will always Google for products & services than pick up yellow pages. Once you have your business website up and running there are a whole lot of places you can advertise your products by linking back to your website
  1. Google places (local market)
  2. Online business directories (Finda, NZ zoom)
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Set up a blog and write posts as often as you can
  7. Broadcast your posts free of cost with ping directories
  8. Try some Google adwords
Most of the above services are free. There are pro version where you pay a subscription. If you have a website that integrates the social media you can drive traffic from Google, Twitter Facebook & Linkedin to your website. Better still you if you have a blog on your site and post regularly link your blog from all of the above. Google will show you a lot of love when you update your site regularly. Are you doing any of the above methods to get customers?

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