Homepage Guidelines

The homepage is your most valuable real estate on your website. An you have about 30 seconds to capture the attention of your visitor and help them stay on your site. Here are some tips on homepage guidelines.

State clearly what your site offers & how it is different from your competitor -state explicitly what you offer users. Don’t hide it general marketese – that makes very little impression on prospective customers.

Use colour to distinguish visited and unvisited links – this avoids confusion in navigation. Make it very easy for your visitor to go around your homepage.

Use images to enhance your product not just to fill the page. If you are choosing stock images, choose the ones that will give a clear message & is related to your product. Optimise your images for fast loading

Include a tag line that clearly states what your business does. Your visitors will want to know more about your business & will have to dig for it. Make it easy for them to find and create a short tag line. Mine is “small business editable websites”

Make it easy to access everything featured on your homepage. If you have changed the content to something new, have archives accessible from the home page.

Have your page title & description filled for your homepage – search engines crawl them first to bring your site up in search.

Have a clear plan what to insert in your homepage.

  • Write succinct good copy with a call to action.
  • Display special offers on your homepage
  • Display contact details
  • Have a testimonial snippet



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