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Grow your business with a marketable website. That is what I tell all my customers. All small businesses need a website for credibility – for your prospects to get more information about your products before contacting you. (Like an online brochure) Before you get your website up and running chart a marketing path.
  1. What are the main components of the website
  2. What do you want the components to do.
  3. How are you going to market your business using the website
  4. Will there be email collection of your prospects
  5. Will you give away something for free (like an industry related report)
  6. Will you follow up on your prospects with emails
  7. Will you be driving Google Adwords traffic to specific landing pages?
  8. Are going to blog about your business?
  9. Will you be doing social network marketing?
  10. How else are you planning to get traffic to your site?
  11. Have you worked out your strong sales copy with call to action?
  12. How will you track conversions?
  13. How often will you update your website?
  14. Who will do that?
I can design a website with content management system that is easy to update, market and increase traffic to your website Contact me today to get a quote for a website to grow your business!

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