I belong to a small business group on Linked in – the social networking site for professionals.

The topic today was

As a small businessĀ  was how do you acquire new customers?

Some good answers in there. Some said you should only market yourself online. Some said you should only network offline.
Here is my take on this. You need to combine both – Online & Offline. Sometimes one is more effective for a particular business segment.
Being a web designer of course I partial to online customer acquisition. Pros

A well targeted online marketing campaign

  • is much cheaper
  • Works 24/7
  • Once set up properly takes less time
  • So many avenues of promoting yourself
  • Some are absolutely free
  • Testing is much easier
  • Can be done by yourself
  • Large marketĀ  reach


  • Not enough technology knowledge
  • Don’t have website
  • Can’t access web site files to update
  • Don’t know how to market online
  • Don’t know where to get help

I can help you with all your “cons”. Contact me and I will set up a website for your small business and show you how to easily promote your business online.

No segment can fail with online business promotion

I belong to a fabric shop, kitchen shop, gift shop email lists. And I go regularly to their specials and special events. And guess what? It is usually packed!! So that excuse does not work.s