Group Similar Products

This post is a continuation of the topic “Improving your website design & content”

To Increase your conversion rate group similar products. For example if you are selling shoes –  group your shoes by

  • brand
  • type
  • occasion (dress, casual, formal, sports)
  • color

So again we are seeing here that your search function has to work really well for the visitor to find the product easily.

So the visitor will have choices when they come looking for a product. Display the products that are on promotion, sale prominently.

Products should be organised in a logical manner so the visitor finds what they expected in each section of your site. Test displaying top-selling products.

Test your image sizes & descriptions to increase conversions. Keep the clutter off the product pages. Keep it clean with lots of white space. Provide the relevant information on products. Have a zoom function for the product.

Test & measure your conversions. That way you can tweak your layout, images & product description to work for you.

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