Googles New Search Format

Googles New Search Format
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Googles New Search Format

For 25 years Google has delivered search in a text-based format with sponsored Ads peppered at the top right-hand-side column and at the bottom.

All that is about to change with the advent of Generative AI.

Google says:- 

For the past 25 years, we’ve been devoted to the science and the craft of building a search engine. We’ve developed completely new ways to search, powered by our latest advancements in AI — whether that’s searching visually with Lens, or across modalities, using both images and text with multisearch. In fact, people now use Lens for 12 billion visual searches a month — a four-fold increase in just two years, and a growing number of those searches are multimodal.

With new breakthroughs in generative AI, we’re again reimagining what a search engine can do. With this powerful new technology, we can unlock entirely new types of questions you never thought Search could answer, and transform the way information is organized, to help you sort through and make sense of what’s out there.

Googles New Search Format seen below
Google's new search format

The top green area is generated by Generative AI. 

Below this snapshot, you’ll see suggested next steps, including the ability to ask follow-up questions, like “How long to spend at Bryce Canyon with kids?” When you tap on these, it takes you to a new conversational mode, where you can ask Google more about the topic you’re exploring.

Context will be carried over from question to question, to help you more naturally continue your exploration. You’ll also find helpful jumping-off points to web content and a range of perspectives that you can dig into.

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As a small business owner, staying informed and making efficient decisions is crucial for your success. With the advent of generative AI capabilities in Search, the process of searching for information has become easier and more efficient. This means that you can now understand topics faster, gain new perspectives and accomplish tasks with greater ease. Let’s explore how generative AI in Search can benefit small business owners like you.

  1. Simplifying complex purchase decisions: When searching for products, generative AI can provide you with a comprehensive overview of the factors to consider and recommend products that align with your needs. You’ll have access to relevant product descriptions, including up-to-date reviews, ratings, prices, and images. This shopping experience is powered by Google’s Shopping Graph, which contains over 35 billion product listings, making it the most extensive dataset of constantly-changing products, sellers, brands, reviews, and inventory available.
  2. Accessing insights and information: Generative AI in Search allows you to explore various perspectives and insights from the web, making it easier for you to make informed decisions. The new experiences are designed to highlight and direct attention to valuable content online, enabling you to dive deeper into the topics you’re researching.
  3. Advertisements and transparency: Ads play an essential role in helping you discover relevant products and services. In the generative AI experience, search ads will continue to appear in dedicated slots on the page. Google remains committed to maintaining transparency, ensuring that ads are distinguishable from organic search results.
  4. Limitations and continuous improvements: It’s important to note that generative AI and Language Models (LLMs) have limitations, and Search may not always provide accurate results. However, Google is committed to a responsible approach, training these models to maintain the high-quality standards set by Search. Ongoing improvements will be made over time, building on Google’s decades of experience and incorporating additional safeguards. The types of queries where generative AI capabilities appear are also limited to ensure reliability.


With generative AI in Search, small business owners can benefit from faster and more efficient information retrieval. You can simplify complex purchase decisions, access valuable insights, and navigate through various perspectives to make informed choices. Google remains committed to upholding transparency in ads and continuously improving its generative AI capabilities.

Remember to evaluate the information for yourself, corroborate responses, and click to explore further. Stay informed and make the most out of generative AI in Search to support your business growth.

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