Google to abandon older browsers

A recent news item stated “Google to abandon older browsers “.

Google is phasing out support for older browsers from 1 August.

Those using IE7, Safari 3, Firefox 3.5 and their predecessors to view Gmail, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs and Sites will then lose some functions.

Eventually, it warned, these web services will stop working for those sticking with older browsers.

The move is part of a trend to stop the use of ageing browsers which can be insecure and not sophisticated enough to handle the latest web technologies.


Using older browsers will cause security problems. One of the reasons the browsers are updated is to keep ahead of the hackers & fill the security loopholes. And yes the newer browsers will have more features & tools to help you browse better.


Older browsers can be much slower. If your webpages do not load fast this could be the reason & not the provider.


Many of the latest version of browsers have many add ons & tools to make you work smarter – Firefox has many valuable add ons (like apps) Some of the add ons I use for business are

Foxclocks – tells me the time in different countries. If I have to skype some one overseas I have the time at the bottom of my browser window for all those countries.

Firebug – I use this to look at the code of the website – to fix bugs or make changes quickly. It save me time of going through line of code to make changes to a client site


I use this to find out why the webpage is loading slowly – If there is a problem withe the site – this enables me to find the problem real fast.

Amplify – is a snipping tool – you can share the snip to twitter instantly. Saves time – when you want to share immediately.

Annotate – lets you clip & annotate the clip before you share. Very useful when you want to add your comments to the clip.

All the above add ons are available to download free at  Mozilla Firefox

The four major Internet Browsers are

  • IE –  version 8 is the latest
  • Firefox – Version 4 is the latest
  • Chrome – Google created
  • Safari (for Macs & PCs) version 5

If you are still on a earlier version of an Internet Browser I encourage you to download the latest version of that browser.
It is important that you do so – to protect yourself from viruses & malwares that can infect your PC. Especially if you are still on IE 6 please update to latest version (8) as soon as possible. The virus threat is high on that version as it is 10 years old. It will be slow & clumsy. Even now the support for IE 6 is almost non existent.

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