Google Makes Loading Time Important

To get ranked better in Google, your website has to load fast. I have always stressed this aspects to all my customers and state this in my promotions. A fast loading site gives the user a good experience. How many times we get frustrated and click away from a site that takes forever to load? Those that have Flash intros are so 1990s man! Stay away from those. ‘The search giant is using the loading speeds to help rank the lists of sites it produces in response to keyword queries. Google said it had taken the action because studies have shown that web users much prefer to visit sites that load quickly.Before now Google’s ranking of results has been based on the relevance of the text on a webpage and how many other sites refer to it as a good source of information. To this Google has decided to add an extra metric in the form of the speed with which pages show up when users click on a link or type in an address.” I am a firm believer in the saying Keep it simple. Some tips to improve loading time
  • No flash intros – frustrating for the user who wants the content ASAP
  • Get all your images optimised for the web – no large image files
  • Unnecessary coding – keep it lean and mean
  • Clean design with lots of white space – less graphics, unless it is relevant don’t  have images
  • less nested tables or no tables at all – use stylesheets instead.
  • No unnecessary rotating GIFs – they are again so 1990s
I have some good website packages for small business sites that you can edit yourself and have clean design and load fast.  Contact me for a quote.

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