Google Instant

Google has released a new search facility known as Google instant. In the normal Google search when you type in a search phrase Google will give you a few suggests – related Google searches. You had to pick what you want in the search box and click enter.

With Google instant as you type the searches are delivered. It is available only in the US. My friends tell me the Ajax powered search is really freaky. It may be so, but for me if it saves me some time – I am going to love it. And I am sure it is cool.

This brings us to  – as a small business which  keywords are you optimising your site for? You not only have to optimise your pages for your main keywords but also Google suggest keywords. They will usually be very closely related. For example if you are a car mechanic, you would optimise for keywords that are related as well like car mechanic Auckland or car mechanic pakuranga etc.

Optimising your pages in this manner will mean more traffic for your site. With Google instant this becomes very important as the searches will be served simultaneously. It is to your advantage to optimise your pages for specific related long tail keywords. You are leaving money on the table if you are not doing this already.

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