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Google has introduces “freshness” of content into its algorithms. So when you type in a keyword or phrase the top results will be for the freshest content for the search term. Old outdated content will be penalised and pushed down. This adds a new dimension to search engine optimisation. If you think about this websites that have blogs will benefit from this as long as you keep posting good content often.

Keep this in mind when you are getting a new website for your business. it is all the more important to think ahead about having a blog and schedule for writing posts. Make this a priority for your business growth. If you write about the benefits of your products often or keep updating the blog with new products, seasonal sale etc your google ranking does not get affected. If you update your website only once in three years ( I have seen older content in business sites) you are bound to lose your ranking and the traffic will drop.

So get smart and install a blog on your business site. Write posts regularly – allocate writing posts to a staff member. Or write posts well ahead and schedule them at intervals.

Whichever is easier for you. Just make time to write your posts and publish regularly without fail. Your business will reap the benefits with more traffic and higher sales. WordPress websites come with blogs installed. This makes it much easier to start writing posts immediately. Contact us for your WordPress business website and blog.

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