Google announces Bard Extensions for Workspace

Google Announces Bard Extensions For Workspace
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Google Announces Bard Extensions For Workspace

Google recently made some important improvements to Bard. Now, Bard can gather useful information from various Google tools like Gmail, Docs, Maps, and more to give better answers. There’s also a “Google it” button that helps Bard double-check its responses against the internet to avoid mistakes. These updates come from a smarter learning model, making Bard more creative and precise.

Why is this important?

Well, by combining Google’s wealth of user data with the tools people use every day, Bard could become much better at what it does. This could be what makes Bard stand out from the competition. It’s a big step forward for Bard – will it finally live up to the hype?

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Bard Extensions in English

Google is introducing Bard Extensions in English, a groundbreaking approach to engaging and collaborating with Bard. Through Extensions, Bard has the capability to locate and present you with pertinent information from the suite of Google tools you rely on daily, such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Flights, and hotel bookings. This holds true even when the information you require is spread across various applications and services.

As an illustration, suppose you are organizing a trip to the Grand Canyon, a project that typically involves juggling multiple tabs. Now, you can simply request Bard to retrieve suitable dates from Gmail, access real-time flight and hotel details, provide Google Maps directions to the airport, and even suggest YouTube videos showcasing activities to do at your destination — all through a single conversation.

Alternatively, picture yourself in the scenario of job hunting and employing Bard to streamline the process. You could instruct Bard to “locate my resume titled June 2023 from my Drive and condense it into a brief personal statement,” all while continuing to collaborate on crafting your new cover letter.

Google says its unwavering commitment lies in safeguarding personal information. If you opt to utilize the Workspace extensions, rest assured that your content from Gmail, Docs, and Drive remains confidential, unseen by human reviewers, free from Bard-driven advertisements, and exempt from being employed for Bard model training. Naturally, you retain full control over your privacy settings, allowing you to make informed choices about how you wish to employ these extensions, with the option to deactivate them at any time.

Google Announces Bard Extensions For Workspace

Effortlessly verify responses and enhance collaborative conversations Beginning today, when interacting in English, you have the ability to employ Bard’s “Google it” button for a more convenient means of cross-referencing its answers. By clicking on the “G” icon, Bard will review the response and determine if there is web content available to back it up.

When an assertion is open to evaluation, you can click on the highlighted portions to delve deeper into additional information that either supports or contradicts the response, as discovered through Search.

We’re simplifying the process of expanding upon discussions initiated by others with Bard. Effective immediately, if someone shares a Bard chat with you via a public link, you have the option to carry on the conversation. You can inquire further about the topic or use it as a foundation for developing your own thoughts and ideas.

Experience our most advanced model to date The introduction of these innovative features is made possible by the enhancements we’ve incorporated into our PaLM 2 model, which stands as our most proficient iteration to date. In response to your valuable feedback, we’ve implemented cutting-edge reinforcement learning techniques to refine the model’s intuition and creativity.

This means that whether your aim is creative collaboration, transitioning seamlessly from one language to another among the 40+ available, or seeking comprehensive coding support, Bard can now deliver responses of unparalleled quality and precision.

How to Make the Most of Bard’s Latest Enhancements

As previously mentioned, Google Bard has recently received a substantial update, which includes the capability to seamlessly integrate with your other Workspace applications.

If you’re eager to explore these new tools and enhance your productivity, here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Visit and locate the puzzle icon in the upper right-hand corner, labeled ‘extensions.’

Step 2: Activate the applications you wish to integrate (such as Flights, Hotels, Maps, Workspace, and YouTube).

Step 3: Begin harnessing Bard’s capabilities with your connected apps! Here are a few sample prompts to get you started:

  • “Condense today’s The Hustle Newsletter” (Gmail Integration)
  • “Compile a list of AI-related YouTube videos tailored to my browsing interests” (YouTube Integration)
  • “Retrieve the spreadsheet concerning [subject] from X and provide a concise summary in 5 key points” (Docs/Sheets Integration)

That is how powerful is Bard’s latest enhancements. It will save you time and in the long run money

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