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Now that you have redesigned your homepage you need to look at your navigation structure.  Once the visitor had reached the homepage, they may not find what they want in the homepage & will want to research or find the product they wish to purchase. So you need to guide them through the navigation to do so.
  • Stick to the standard top navigation menu. (This is what people are used to. If you do create a novel method your visitor will not find what he/she came for & will click away)
  • Group similar topics or products as drop down menus.
1.    Make product/service categories visible: Use clear labels/titles that show what product and service categories you offer. Build a navigation structure that is intuitive and simple. 2.    Use easy-to-understand terms: When labelling the product/service categories you offer, make sure you use terms that your customers will understand and find appealing. Use simple English & no jargon. 3.    Highlight where to go next: Help the user understand how they can get from A to B in the easiest possible way. Experiment with call to action buttons, or click-able links and images to find out what works best to direct the customer onwards. At this stage you are gently leading them to the product/service they are searching for. Make it easy for them. This will reduce your page bounce rate greatly. Tomorrow I will cover search facility on your site.

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