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I learnt something yesterday. One of my clients bought an existing business. The business came a website that sold products online & makes a reasonable amount of money. What he did not bargain for was the website came with a contract with the web developing company. There was about 18 months left of the contract & they would not release the content of the website till the money was paid. The other problem was it was built on proprietary CMS. So you could not zip up the content & host it somewhere else. What a nightmare! If you are a small business & want to get a website,  you do not have to sign any contract with the web developer. Make sure you own
  • the domain
  • the content
  • the database
As the owner of the business these should always be in your ownership. And stay away from proprietary content management systems. These will lock you in with a particular developer & may hard to get away. In the long run they cost a lot more as well. WordPressMy former business coach got into a proprietary CMS a while ago and mentioned that he spent thousands of dollars to get a database done. He quit his we developer and is very happy with a couple of WordPress sites now. For a small business WordPress  perfect as it allows you to update your content very often, get a blog up and running promote it through social media etc. When I help you to get your site up and running you do not sign any contract with me. I do not lock you in with any specific software. And if you ever want to walk away  you are welcome to. Every week the site backup files will be emailed to you. You can take the files & host them anywhere you want.

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