Free Vacation Scams

They almost got me today on the phone! This is how it goes. Ma’ am you have been selected with four others for a free vacation in Florida. (of course – where else). Oh by the way Visa International has selected me. The sponsors are

I did a bit of digging & found out it is owned by a canpakmart in Scarborough Ontario Canada.  There was so much noise in the background (like a busy call center!) Wow they are so busy scamming people all over the world! They told me they are from Australia- Had a hispanic american accent & were talking to each other in Hindi! Not everyone is an idiot in this world!

Even gave me a dummy Australian phone number. I told the caller I want to talk to his boss – wanted his name. He only has a first name by the way. Yeah hard to lie as you go eh?

the reason I am writing about this here & the time spend digging is I would hate to see some one falling for this type of scam! Esp a naive/elderly person. Kiwis are quite gullible at times. So have emailed all my friends alerting them of this scam. Please pass this on to all your loved ones. Anything with Visa International & canpakvacation should ring loud bells for you.  Please don’t fall for any free cruise/vacation scams. They are only a ruse to get your card details – which leads to identity thefts etc.

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