3 Tips to increase your E commerce sales in 2022

In 2016, eMarketer and Forrester predict U.S. eCommerce companies will sell between $355 and $393 billion worth of product. Their estimates also suggest American eCommerce revenues will reach upwards to $500 billion by 2018. For businesses to stay relevant and get a share it is very important for theme to keep up with the changes in business, […]

How to make sure your online store is profitable

Search dominates the Internet when consumers are looking for products and services. Google’s market share in the U.S. is 67%, and their market share dominates throughout most of the developed world, no search engine is more important. To generate traffic from Google, or any of its competitors, you have two options: Search engine optimisation (SEO), […]

Covid-19 affecting businesses

Recession proof your business In these unprecedented times it is important to find ways of getting revenue and staying afloat. This may open new income revenues beyond Lockdown for your business.We will continue to support you and your business and do what we can to help prepare your business for the challenging times ahead. If you are a […]

How to market your E commerce website

Wholesale Ecommerce setup

Organise and optimise your keywords and keyword phrases These search terms the exact ones that people are will to use to look for the products or services that you sell on your e-commerce website. Do this well ahead of launch of your E commerce website – at least two months before you promote your website. […]

Why E commerce?

Auckalnd Ecommerce website setup

In this day and age of the Internet it is very easy to sell online and compete with the big brick-and-mortar stores. If you have a very good product(s) you should be able to sell online and make a profit. A good easy to use e-commerce website that is mobile friendly and optimised with the […]

Black Friday Online Sales

Traditionally in New Zealand, the best sales are usually on Boxing Day. People flock online and to Brick and Mortar shops to find the best deals. This year saw a huge surge for online shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Retailers who were prepared and sent out newsletters and sales brochures got their bang […]