I am in the process of updating a WordPress manual I created a while ago. Hopefully I will finish it in a week or so. The manual is a couple of versions behind now.

The purpose of the manual is to help people quickly put up a simple self hosted wordpress site. This can be just for your blog or it can be a full fledged small business site or an affiliate site.

In the WordPress Manual I will teach you how to

  • Find a good hosting company to host your WordPress site
  • Install WordPress on your hosting account.
  • Upload a WordPress Theme (or template)
  • Resources of where you can get free themes
  • Custom themes
  • Must have plug ins
  • Writing copy
  • Uploading files to remote server
  • Inserting images
  • embedding videos

And much more….

I will be asking a small price for this manual as I have put in many hours of work.  At a later stage I would like to set up a forum where people who have the manual can discuss the problems they face or solutions etc.

If you feel you are technically savvy enought to setup WorPress and build a website this manual will make it really easy with detailed screenshots and step-by-step guidance.

Watch this space. 🙂