How Colour Influences People to Buy

Colour has a powerful psychological influence on the human brain. Colour and visual appearance influence people in their purchase decisions.

Research shows that 92% of people say visual appearance plays an important part in their buying decisions. Tests show that people take 90 seconds after initial viewing to judge a product subconsciously.  90% of that is based on colour alone.

When companies perform A/B testing a change of colour for their Call to Action button can increase sales up to 25%. Each market behaves differently and you should test your audience to find out what works for you best.

Red and green are the colours most affected by colour blindness. Blue is the least affected. This means every one can differentiate blue as a colour different from others.

Small business E commerce solutions

There are huge differences in colour preferences based on gender.

If your target market is women studies show they prefer as below: –

  • Colours they love the most – Blue, purple and green
  • Colours the do not like the most – Orange, brown and grey

If your target market is men: –

  • Colours they love the most – Blue, green and black
  • Colours the do not like the most – Orange, brown and purple

Small Business E commerce solutions

If you have an online E commerce store it pays to perform a few A/B testing for your buttons and the general colour scheme of your store pages and determine the colours that bring in the maximum conversions.

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