Pixels webdesign is re branding

I am re-branding and in the process the website is being revamped as well. My business model is changing drastically. I did a feedback survey of my existing customers. –…

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New site finally alive!

Phew! I finally switched to the new site. Took me likeĀ  two months to to get it ready to be up and running. (Lack of time mainly) The layout is…

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Why Google Organic Results matter for your website

Recently I have come across prospects telling me XYZ company telling them that they can get them onto the first position in Google as their company has made a deal…

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How to market to the Generation X and Y

These younger generations grew up with the Internet. They spend most of their time online either for work, for entertainment or to socialise. They make spending decisions for work and…

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Why you should encrypt and secure your site – NOW!