Bing’s free new features

Bing’s Free New Features
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Bing’s Free New Features

ChatGPT’s recent multimodal enhancements have generated quite a buzz, although not everyone currently has access to them.

Did you know that Bing offers robust image, chat, and voice capabilities that rival those of ChatGPT Plus, and the best part is, it’s completely free to use?

Give it a try by following these simple steps:

  1. Access Bing Chat: If you’re on a desktop, visit For mobile users, you can download the Bing app.

  2. Harness the Power of Visuals: Click on the icon in the bottom left corner to either upload an image or take a new one. Ask Bing to describe or modify the image for you. For instance, you can attach a graphic and request Bing to “explain the image to me in a clear and simple way.”

  3. Engage in Voice Conversations: By clicking the microphone icon, you can have voice conversations with Bing. It will respond in a conversational manner using its own voice.

  4. Unleash Your Creativity with DALL-E 3: In creative mode, prompt Bing to generate anything your imagination can conjure, including text generation tasks. It’s a versatile tool for artistic endeavors!

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Bing Chat has undergone a significant enhancement in functionality. Once considered an inferior competitor to Google’s search engine, Bing has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last three months by integrating GPT-4 into its core operations. Microsoft proudly reports that Bing now boasts over 100 million daily active users and the daily installations of the Bing mobile app have surged fourfold since its launch.

In the latest update, Bing introduces several new visual search capabilities, such as the ability to conduct searches using images. Additionally, users can now generate charts, graphs, and other visual responses directly within the search interface. Microsoft is also expanding its Image Creation Tool, which allows users to create images through conversational prompts, to support over 100 languages.

Bing’s Free New Features

The above image is AI generated and was created in Bing’s extension for Dalle-3

Bing Chat has introduced a crucial new feature: the ability to save your conversation history. This update allows you to revisit and continue past conversations with Bing Chat. Microsoft has seamlessly integrated chat history and persistent chats into the Edge browser, aiming to enhance the relevance and convenience of search interactions across multiple sessions. The company’s intention is to use users’ chat history and context to provide increasingly personalized and improved responses over time.

With persistent chats keeping track of your queries and responses, you can quickly find relevant information, avoid redundancy, and revisit topics of interest at a later time. This feature also fosters more natural and engaging interactions with AI assistants over extended periods, as it emulates the flow of a typical human conversation.

It is set to introduce support for third-party plugins in the near future. Microsoft has revealed its intention to extend Bing’s functionality to third-party developers, enabling them to create additional features and plugins that can seamlessly integrate with the search platform. For instance, users will soon be able to search for restaurants within Bing Chat and make reservations through OpenTable or obtain answers to intricate questions via Wolfram Alpha, all without having to exit the Bing experience.

Why it matters

The incorporation of third-party plugins marks a significant transformation for Bing, essentially evolving it into a platform where developers can craft applications that seamlessly operate within the Bing Chat web and mobile interface. This approach closely resembles the strategy employed by OpenAI with ChatGPT plugins. In practice, these plugins will function much like the apps on a mobile phone, each geared towards assisting users in accomplishing specific tasks, such as booking a flight or viewing a movie trailer.

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