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Small Business E commerce solutions - learn something newThe Internet has levelled the playing field in terms of new business (startups), new ideas, new way of thinking, learning a new skill or trade. (Did you know Elon Musk literally Googled his way up in Astro Physics amongst other fields? So yes you can use the Internet these days to become smarter, think differently, grow your business, learn a new language – the list goes on. For this you will have to trawl the Internet for hours or days to find the right website suited to your needs. Would it not be great to have a list of websites categorised in topics? Like a master list. I know for myself – sometimes I have to spend a considerable amount of time finding the right resource for my specific need. Any way below is a list of thirty-seven websites from which you can learn something new. This list appeared in Medium. Please view the link to the article at the bottom of the article.


edX— Take online courses from the world’s best universities. Coursera — Take the world’s best courses, online, for free. Highbrow — Get bite-sized daily courses to your inbox. Skillshare — Online classes and projects that unlock your creativity. Curious — Grow your skills with online video lessons. — Learn technology, creative and business skills. CreativeLive — Take free creative classes from the world’s top experts.

Learn to Code

Codecademy — Learn to code interactively, for free. — Learn how to code from scratch. Udacity — Earn a Nanodegree recognised by industry leaders. Platzi — Live streaming classes on design, marketing and code. Learnable — The best way to learn web development. Code School — Learn to code by doing. Thinkful — Advance your career with 1-on-1 mentorship. — Start learning today with easy tutorials. Treehouse — Learn HTML, CSS, iPhone apps & more. One Month — Learn to code and build web applications in one month. Dash — Learn to make awesome websites.


DataQuest — Learn data science in your browser.


Duolingo — Learn a language for free. Lingvist — Learn a language in 200 hours. Busuu — The free language learning community. Memrise — Use flashcards to learn vocabulary. Babbel — Discover a new language experience.


TED-Ed — Find carefully curated educational videos Khan Academy — Access an extensive library of interactive content. — Search the largest collection of online guides. Squareknot — Browse beautiful, step-by-step guides. Learnist — Learn from expertly curated web, print and video content.

Other Subjects

Chesscademy — Learn how to play chess for free. Pianu — A new way to learn piano online, interactively. Yousician— Your personal guitar tutor for the digital age. I hope to keep this growing to facilitate more subjects. Please bookmark this list as it may come in handy at some point.
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