Best photo & Video editing apps for the mobile

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Facebook is changing the sizes if its images and videos in the feed. They will be larger. Instagram is expanding to ads now. It is handy to know which apps to use to edit the photos you take on the phone and post them to social media networks on the go.


$0.99 | iOS | Android

Some of my photos usually go through a few apps before I post them on Facebook,  but if I only have time for one app, I’ll use Afterlight. It’s a pretty rudimentary tool, but it has all the features you need to do a basic photo edit — from controlling the colour tones and adjusting exposure and brightness, to rotating and straightening the photo. Along with its adjustment tools, it has 74 filters, including Fusion filters that let you mix tools, filters, and textures to create your own personal look. Finally, if you’re into frames, you have  128 to choose from.


Free | iOS | Android

Over the past few years, VSCO Cam has become a highly popular photo editing app for mobile. While it does boast a wider set of editing tools than most other editing apps, its main claim to fame is its filters.

Their filters have more of a softer, authentic look that resembles real film, as compared with the over-saturated looks of many Instagram filters. Plus, it’s great for when you need to edit a photo on the fly: Simply upload the photo to VSCO Cam, slap on one of their great filters, and complete the task. The user interface can be a little tough to get used to at the very beginning.


$2.99 | iOS only

With the highest price tag on the list, you have to wonder what makes Camera+ so special.

While the app has many of the classic photo editing tools like color tints, retro effects, and crops, there are a few gems that make it unique. First is its image stabilizer, which helps you capture the sharpest photos possible before you even take a picture. It also lets you zoom in up to 6X, which can really up the quality of your shot if you’re trying to hone in on something far away.


Free | iOS | Android

Auckland Web Design CompanyYou already know how cool photo collages are … but what if you could make a video collage? PicPlayPost is a simple app that lets you do exactly that. Just remember that the sound from both videos will play at the same time, so be sure they won’t clash with one another.


$1.99 | iOS only

Mextures is one of the more advanced apps on this list — and its crown jewel is layer-based editing. The app lets you stack different adjustment layers on top of one another and move and edit them individually, allowing for pretty much limitless creativity. You can also apply multiple filters and textures to the same photo to create a really unique look. If you find an editing formula you really like, you can save it to apply to other photos later — and even share it with your friends.


$1.99 | iOS only

Ever taken a picture of something straight-on — a doorway, a building, your food — and found the perspective was just a little bit askew or tilted? The SKRWT app lets you adjust the perspective of your photos to make the lines look clean and square. If it bugs you to see a photo that’s slightly at an angle, then this app is well worth the two bucks.


Free | iOS only

Photo collages can be great, whether it’s to show a comparison (like a before-and-after series) or to highlight multiple photos from the same event or theme. My favorite photo collage app is InstaCollage because of the wide variety of layouts. They have a ton of both classic layouts and more fun ones with interesting, colorful backgrounds. You can also add text in all different fonts, colors, and sizes. Plus, if you’re strapped for time, there are even options for basic photo editing within the app, making it the perfect one-stop shop.


Free | iOS | Android

Ever want to make a landscape or portrait photo fit into a square without having to crop it? Whitagram lets you do just that. Now that Instagram photos no longer have to be square, this may be a less desirable app to some folks … but it’s still useful to know about.


$1.99 | iOS only

Picfx is a great photo editor for adding effects to your photos. Like Mextures, Picfx lets you layer as many effects as you’d like on top of one another to create really unique images. They have over 100 effects — favorites include “PFX Film 5/10/15,” “Lomo,” “Enhance,” “Valentine,” “Old School,” “Marshmallow,” and “Hearts Bokeh.” Not to mention, its interface is pretty darn easy to use.

Video Editing Apps


Free | iOS only

Hyperlapse is an app created by the folks at Instagram that condenses videos into brief, hyper-speed videos that you can upload to Instagram or Facebook. You can choose among a few different speeds, and the app will show you how long the Hyperlapsed video will be for every speed in comparison to the length of the video in real time. (So a 40-second video in real time will become roughly a 7-second video in Hyperlapse at 6X speed.) It’s a really cool way to jazz up your social media presence and delight your followers

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