Be Found on Google

Google has 70% of the search engine market. People type in keywords into Google search box to find products, services and information.

Once you get your website up and running, it is very important to be found on the Internet by your target market – be found on Google. Otherwise you are leaving money on the table.

Here are a few tips:-

1. Get a search engine friendly website.

2. No big image only on your home page with the word enter.

3. Search engines read the website pages in a different way to human eyes.

4. Your headlines should be keyword rich

5. The first 100 words on your home page should have keywords related to your niche.

6. Have your page titles relevant to the content on the page. No “home” “welcome” etc

7. Have contact details clearly on each page. People don’t bother to look for it.

8. Footer should have site map, contact, privacy policy etc. (Google places a lot of importance on these)

9. Always have alt tags for your images. Google can’t read images

10. Avoid Flash movies. They take too long to load

11. Page loading time matters. Google favours quick loading pages.

12. Link to one or two authority sites.

13. Keep your content to the point and short.

14. Keep the most important information above the “fold” – the visible area without scrolling

15. Start a blog and post about your niche news. Contact me if you want to set up one

16. Keep adding fresh content to your site. Search engines love new content and will crawl you faster.

17. Drive some pay-per-click traffic to your site to get some quick traffic.


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