Banner Blindness

We used to create sliders on the home page for clients all the time. Recent research by usability firms shows otherwise. Visitors hardly notice the slides or what is written on them. This is called banner blindness. Why do people still use them?
  • Clients think it is cool –design agencies are obliged to please them
  • The organization is large and the different departments want their offers to be seen on the home page. To satisfy the different departments the slides are added
  • To fit in with the current design and not look outdated
Small business E commerce Solutions During numerous tests by researches in user testing – they found – few people interact with the sliders and of those very few who do interact – they do not remember the message
  •  A huge amount of prime space is lost.
  • With too many messages delivered – takes away the focus of your communication
  • The website visitor skips the sliders as they look like advertisements.
  • They only satisfy the management that their idea is on the home page (especially in medium and large businesses)
  • When the visitor lands on your home page and sometimes starts to read the message on the slide and before finishing to read – the slide is gone and moves to the next one. (in this case the change is automatic and the user does not have control over the movement)
Focusing on a single primary message and action is way always far more effective especially on the home page If the very first offer people see is not what they like not relevant), then what? What if they don’t like any of the three? That’s certainly not going to help your customer lifetime value get better. With a slider when the visitor returns after a while they may not see the offer they are interested in. Instead if you have a single static offer – they will view that offer all the time

To recap avoid sliders or banners on the home page

  • To save premium space
  • Smaller file size
  • Faster loading home page
  • Less confusion for the visitor
  • Have your best offer static on the home page and follow the money
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