Badge Orders Case Study

I’m so glad to be back with Pixels.

In mid 2014 after 5 years with Pixels I decided to have a change and tried another web designer……..what a BIG mistake that was.  Leaving Pixels was the worst business decision I’ve ever made in 20 years of running my own business, and cost me a lot of money.  Going back to Pixels was the BEST decision I could have made, it got my business back on track and fast.  I knew I had to go back to Pixels when within a month of the ‘other-designers’ site going live my business dropped by nearly 50%.  This was directly from the ‘other-designers’ bad website design.

One phone call to Pixels; my old website was reinstated and business bounced back within days.  Pixels began work on a new improved website, the transition to my new Pixels website was seamless.  The BEST decision I made for my business was going back to Pixels Webdesign.

I have a website that I can change and update anytime, it’s brilliant.  I have the tools to manage my own website, I can make changes when I want, keeping my website up to date.  Adding images or pages is simple.  Training was tailored to what I needed to learn to manage my website.  If I was stuck I’ve contacted Gita replies are timely and easy to understand.  SEO was made easily add keywords to maximise search engine traffic so Google and my customers can find me and that is important to my business!

I appreciate my well-designed website, it makes sales happen.

I’m impressed with the high level of service and support that I’ve received. I have no hesitation recommending Pixels Webdesign – go on do it, give them a call.

Karyn Flanagan

Owner / Artist

We created a website for Badgeorders in 2009 when she came to us as she wanted a local design company. We created a simple website for her to update her badge images and the order sheet which was a PDF. She did very well and sales picked up. Within two years she was selling a lot of badges and was ranking very high in Google for her main keywords. In 2014 she went away from us and within a month new site plummeted her sales.

Out of the blue I got a call from Karyn and I brought the old site up immediately and the sales picked up again.

We went on to design her new website with lots of additional features made it responsive (as a large part of her target market use the phone to browse her products and order). Her conversion rate is gone up at least 20% with her new website.

I made a slight tweak to her badge design page and made ordering a bit more easier and she has noticed a spike in her sales recently.  She is one happy customer!