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I have not posted for a while. I decided to have a good break this year and took 3 weeks off.  Fully refreshed and charged for 2010! I am planning a few different strategies for my online business this year. I am almost done with the new look and feel for pixels. It got delayed due to various reasons. It will feature a few bells and whistles. WordPress has evolved so much in the past couple of years. You can do amzing things on the interface side and have all that muscle that makes it work on the backend as well. What more could you ask for? I just want to touch base on an earlier post here. Why have a website?  For small businesses:-
  • The website is a great marketing tool
  • Builds Credibility.
  • Builds trust
  • Before a prospect contacts you they will always check out your business and you online
  • Your products & services are available 24/7 online
  • Your market reach increases enormously
  • So much cheaper than printing a whole lot of brochures again and again
  • Not having a website will cost your business dearly – you miss out on the youth market
A prospect came to me recently and wanted a website. I asked her why she wanted one? One of the things she said was ” Every time I give my business card to someone they want to know why I don’t have a website”. It is like the norm these days. contact me for a simple editable website.

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