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I stumbled on evernote a few years ago. For some reason I stopped using it. Found it again a few weeks ago. How did I manage without this amazing software. It makes my life so much easier. It is my online

  • journal
  • to do list
  • address book
  • clip board (literally as I place clippings all the time)
  • photo album
  • shopping list
  • doodling whiteboard
  • flow charts
  • memos
  • notes

All the above & the kitchen sink. 8-). whatever document you create – like clippings or doodles or charts click send & email it to anyone! Share the evernote with your colleagues or partners. You can access evernote from anywhere. Everything stored on their servers & synced. Seriously how did I live without this amazing piece of software.

Try evernote for your personal/business use. Download for free

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