A.I. and Social Media

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A.I. and Social Media

Kristen Garcia Dumont, former CEO of Machine Zone, has established BeFake, an innovative social media application designed to revolutionize the social media landscape. This app empowers users to craft imaginative renditions of themselves utilizing AI-generated visuals. Key points include:

  • BeFake enables users to channel their creativity beyond mere selfies by submitting text-based prompts that give rise to visual interpretations.
  • CEO Kristen Garcia Dumont envisions the app as a means of genuine self-expression, diverging from the pressures associated with sharing real-life photographs.
  • The app’s community engages with the most inventive fictional identities, allowing users to share imagery generated from prompts and respond to their preferred creations.

Given the impressive track record of the BeFake founder, who has previously achieved success with top-grossing mobile games on a global scale, it’s evident that this application merits serious consideration. Its potential role in catalysing the widespread infusion of AI into the realm of social media makes it a development worth vigilant observation.

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