A frustrating experience

I had a very frustrating experience yesterday. I needed to print some postcards for a marketing campaign of mine. I got the yellow pages out. Circled a few ads , and got on the phone to get some quotes. I rang about 8-9 places that had large ads. Two telephone numbers were disconnected! Out of the other 7 , 5 places had answer machines – this is like at 9.15 am. I spoke with a person in one place in town – she requested me to email her for a quote. Fair enough. I emailed her clearly what my needs were and requested a quick reply as I was in a hurry. I finally got a couple of quotes over the phone. Waited for the email for about an hour. Rang the place again and explained what had happened. Got some numbers over the phone from another salesperson. I am still waiting for the email from the printing place in town. I chose a different supplier who gave me a good deal & said it will be ready in 24 hours. I am really amazed at the level of service with printing business. Either they cannot be bothered or they are making a truck load of money so they turn people away! Most of the places I rang are small business. Profit margins cannot be that high. So why are they so inefficient in business dealings? And to top it competition is quite stiff! Mind boggling eh?

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