A Blog Adds to Your Site Traffic

I was at Linkedin today. There was a question from a user. Should I keep my blog separate from my professional site or mash it up into one site?

The majority of the answers were “keep it separate” Very few – mostly the web desginers & SEO experts said to keep it together.

My take is to keep it all together. Reasons being:-

  • As a visitor to your site I do not want to go to another place to read your blog – give a seamless experience.
  • I may want to cross reference some articles, blog posts & the products you are selling at the same time.
  • Make it easy for me to access all information in one place. Don’t make me work to access information.
  • Blog usually attracts more traffic than the website itself.
  • Why not feed that traffic to increase your lead generation -Which will increase your conversion.
  • Visitors who read your articles on blog directories or elsewhere might want your product – make it easy for them to buy
  • It is easier for the website owner to keep everything in one place – easier to maintain.
  • Keep your ping directory & website in one place – capture all the traffic you can into your sales funnel.

When you have so many pros in your favour why would you want to separate your website & your blog? A good post that is very useful to your target market is likely to generate a few conversions for your product.

For a small business a blog increases traffic to the site due to the posts ping capability. And you want the visitor to come to your site to purchase your product /service.

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