7 Reasons to redesign your website

In my line of work I redesign a lot websites for various reasons. Prospects contact me saying
  • ” I can’t access my website”
  • “I need to change my content  & design”
  • ” The design is outdated”
  • “I need to change the structure of the website”
When you revamp your website for the above reasons you should also consider the redesign to
  • Attract more prospects
  • Get the prospects to spend more time on your site
  • Convert the prospects to leads & buyers
Plan your new website with
  1. Better content
  2. Call to action on every page – specific landing pages
  3. Track, Measure
1.The main reason you should be redesigning your website is to increase prospects, leads & conversions. During this exercise you can improve the design to achieve this goal. (things like flow, usability, structure of website etc) 2. Pay attention to creating excellent content. Then fit the content in good layout. That way your resources are more focused on creating content to attract the prospect. Good layout need not be unique or very expensive. 3. Content creation has to be ongoing. The best way to do this is to have a blog & update it regularly (as often as you can). Over a period of time you will have a decent sized website. Google favors the larger sites.  A 100 page website will beat a 10 page website 90% of the time. 4.  Include blog, RSS.  A blog is a great way to create content on an ongoing basis, and to start to converse with your customers and prospects. RSS allows some content from your website to be automatically pushed out to other websites and people, increasing the reach of your content. Landing pages are critical to actually get value out of your traffic.  And SEO is not hard, and it really works. 5.  You will have to setup landing pages to track your conversions. This is a more focused way to measure. For this you need a simple content management system that will enable you to add pages without coding. 6. If the goal was to increase visitors and conversions, then that is the metric we should track. A business website is a business tool and should deliver business results. 7. Look & feel of the website should be good. But it need not be unique. A simple layout with lots of white space works best. Keep in mind uasbility, intuitive navigation & easy to find your products & services.

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