5 Steps to Better Google Ranking

Simple SEO Steps that every business owner should take. You will reap the rewards in more traffic, better rankings in Google & see your profits go up. These steps below are from the horses mouth ( Matt Cutts is Google’s spokesman for SEO)

Step One

Get your page titles right for your business. Choose the title  to reflect how people search for you. For pixels it is ” Small business webdesign – editable websites to grow your business”

Have unique page titles for every page instead of “home”, “About” “Products” etc.

“Khandallah chiropractor ” – will give you more targetted traffic.

Step Two

Get your meta description right to reflect your business. Meta description is what you see when you google for a product or service line the image below.

Step three

Interact with your audience. Engage with your audience through blog, social media etc. Hang around place where your audience is & find out what problems they are facing. Offer a solution. Tell your story. How you started the business & your ups & downs. Your market will identify with you. The word will spread & people will link back to you. Your Google rankings will go up due to the inbound links.

Step four

Be sure to add a Google Sitemap to your website. This makes it easier for Google spyder to crawl.  Google places a value on this so do not miss this great tool.

Step five

Submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Central. This will speed up Google crawling your site within days.


How difficult are the steps above to follow?  Take action today & make sure you have done all the above steps.
Watch Matt Cutts video below

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