1. If you have something unique to say about your products or services make a small video clip and upload it to Youtube.

Make sure you do the following

  • Use accurate title and tags. ” Easy quick vegetarian cooking” tags – easy cooking,vegetarian cooking, quick vegetarian meals.
  • Link back to your website.
  • Enable user participation.

2. Use images in your website and remember to add “alt tags”. Google cannot read images. Can read only text. Google does display images when someone searches for a term.  Add images to blog posts or news articles for syndication in Google news

3. If your website publishes news item – have a Google site map on your site and publish an xml site map. Have a breaking news or hot news section on your site. Google news will index it only once and will index news that is 3 days old or less.

4. Get your site listed in Google Places. It is a free listing you get for your business integrated into Google maps. When you list make it keyword rich – think about terms a local searcher would use to find your business. Add images. Make it location specific and optimise your site for that location as well.

Follow these above steps and see your rankings improve in Google. The higher you go in Google more the traffic and more sales for your business! It is that simple.

Contact me for a Google friendly website that you can update yourself.