15 benefits of WordPress sites

  • editing without needing to know HTML
  • easy to update current events – takes a few minutes
  • No uploading of files – like static HTML sites
  • post-dating of articles so they can automatically “go live” in the future
  • reader participation through comments
  • organization of the content using tags – these are like signposts for search engines
  • If you already have a site and are switching to WordPress you can retain the URL addresses
  • easy addition of new functionality (because it is “open source”)
  • free support by the very responsive developer and user communities
  • Pinging facility – pings newsaggregators automatically
  • You can add gazillions of plugins to add more functionality
  • easy to integrate social media widgets – seamless with twitter, Digg etc
  • Instant traffic – no waiting 3 months to see a few visitors
  • So many free themes and custom themes to choose from
  • Add image galleries videos very easily
What more do you want? It is one click installation if you use Hostgator. I set up a review site last night for a product with WordPress. It is a simple 4 page site with some useful articles. Guess what this morning in my stats I saw 11 unique hits.! If I had done a static HTML site I am sure this would have taken about 2-3 weeks or more. Two keyword searches for the very specific product I was recommending. Now way HTML site can achieve this. So if you are a small business owner and want some quick exposure online, some targeted traffic  contact me and I can set up a wordpress site for a very reasonable cost. I will train you to update your site and teach you basic SEO functions. From my experience Google love WordPress.

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