10 Benefits of having a professional website design

Yesterday I was answering a question in a small business forum. The question – should I hire a web designer to design my website? My answer to that was Yes. 10 reasons why you should get a professionally designed website:- sunit.co.nz
  1. Good design means good first impression. (It does matter)
  2. Good design will invite customers – more eyeballs – more sales
  3. Give credibility for your business. Your business will look more professional
  4. A good webdesigner can help you rank better in Google
  5. Good design will be visitor friendly – communicate clearly to your customer.
  6. Good design will engage your customer and help them take action – more sales
  7. Will have better user experience – repeat customers
  8. Will get your marketing message clearly out to your audience
  9. Good design will help you increase your conversions. (By clever subtle message or sales copy
  10. A professional looking website builds trust amongst your customers. (which one would you trust more – a site like Amazon or a crappy site that looks fly by night and sells ebooks ?)
central city physio Bottom line is websites are powerful marketing tools these days. Gone are the days where you could survive with a hastily put together sloppy website by a high school student who knew some HTML. If you want your website to seamlessly communicate your brand and your business on the web get it professionally designed. Saying all that the designer should understand your business and have a good marketing background as well.  Contact me for more info on well designed small business websites

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