Website Tips

I get asked this question many times. I decided to add a few useful articles to point the business owner in the right direction.

1. How do you go about getting a website?

There are a few steps to take before you go ahead:-

  • First write down the objectives that you want your site to perform
  • Define your target audience – gender, age, ethnicity etc
  • Write down what you want your website visitor to do on each page
  • Then look at your competitors – Pick the ones you think are doing a good job
  • Write down a few salient points
  • Then come up with the structure of your website.
  • Research some keywords for your niche
  • Write the content of the website from a marketing perspective – use your main keywords in the content or you can use a web copywriter

Find a web designer who understands marketing, and is good at search engine optimization. You can have the a well designed website – but if it not generating leads and conversions  it is not helping your business.

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