Colour Perceptions

There are two ways to communicate to your audience through a website

1. The verbal way – the message on your website, the content, the offer etc.

2. The non verbal way – the look and feel – the colour, the font, the layout grid etc

Colour perceptions come under the non verbal communication and plays a very important part in first impressions. You have 30 seconds to impress your visitor. So get it right.

Blue – evokes calm, wisdom, trust , solid.

Green – evokes growth, abundance, environment, clean, good health, fresh

Black – Power, drama, sombre

Gold – Prestige, power, wealth, class

White – Pure, simple, clean

Brown – Friendship, sturdy, reliable, earth

Orange – vibrant, energy, warmth

Grey – Secure, staid, stable

Red – Passion, strength

Pink – Romance, Feminine

Purple – Royal, Spiritual, New Age

So choose your website colours according to what you want to evoke in your prospect. Choose complimentary colours to enhance your website. Do experiment and express your self – but you do want your visitor to have the right impression of your business in that short period of time.

My experience is -stick to the right colours and you cannot go wrong.


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