Gita Iyer - Pixels web designer

Pixels is a boutique web design and digital marketing firm focused on growing your business through optimizing open source content management. Open source content management allows customers to easily locate your website and find answers to their inquiries. To do this, we design effective e-commerce methodologies for small to medium business in the form of social media marketing and targeted advertisements.

Business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) strategies will dramatically alter your digital presence and increase your consumer pool. Pixels is proud to advise our clients on online growth strategies, saving our customer valuable time and money through effective marketing.

Pixels can provide customised growth strategies for your business by first building a responsive website that is viewable on all devices. With enhanced visibility, your business will ensure a higher ranking on Google searches, drawing more customers and intriguing casual browsers. Pixels custom tailors B2C or B2B solutions to entice and engage future customers, growing your network and reputation.

We are dedicated to expanding your business through valuable means of advertising. We stay on your project from the beginning to end and will even continue to provide support after marketing solutions have been established. With our digital marketing methodologies drawing new customers via effective and customised advertising, you can focus instead on what you do best – growing your business.

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Our Team

Gita Iyer
With tertiary qualification in Visual Communication from Victoria University, Gita started Pixels in 2002. Has been very successful as an affiliate marketer and digital marketer. Gita has in-depth industry knowledge in Search Engine Optimisation Google Adwords and content marketing.

Truly believes “ Learning never stops and web design has to be data-driven to achieve the best result for the client.” Loves cats and spends time on Facebook watching cat videos and GIFS. Likes long walks and good movies.

Mohan Iyer
Mohan Iyer
Mohan has more than 25 years experience in the Information Technology industry. He has Post Graduate engineering qualification and an MBA from Victoria University of Wellington. He has managed multi million dollar projects in IT Industry.

Mohan looks after the technical side of each project makes sure everything works seamlessly at the backend. In his spare time Mohan likes to go for long walks. He also loves his Sudoku in the morning.
He is learning Sanskrit.